Our Mission

Create solutions for home buyers beyond any expectation 

using great vision, big data skills, machine learning technique, and innovative marketing. 

 To become a companion for every home and condo buyer.

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About Us

          Home Dot Tech is founded and fully funded in 2017 by HOME BUYERS GROUP (HBG), number one media provider in housing and living business in Thailand. It means that we have gathered more than 20 years of data and experiences in the business through more than 10 leading products such as, Home Buyers Guide Magazine, Home Buyers Guide TV, and more. HBG partners with most major property developers in Thailand as well as consumers everywhere in the country to provide reliable content that matches everyone’s wishes in property business.

Work With Us

        สนใจอยากมาร่วมเป็นทีมเดียวกับเรา ส่งใบสมัครมาได้ที่

More than 20 years of data and experiences

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We make a difference.

Compete on value, not on price.